Kinetic Sports Club

Swim Instructor


Pelham Manor, NY


Part Time


 Swim Instructor

Job Purpose:  

A swim instructor sole responsibility is to provide water instruction and water safety by planning, coordinating, and teaching swim lessons. All Swim Instructors report directly to the Program, Aquatics and Events Director.

Areas of Commitment:

  • Maintain the safety of patrons in and around the pool area
  • Thorough knowledge of swimming and water safety
  • Attend all mandatory trainings and meetings

Job Responsibilities:

  • Plan and effectively organize lesson time for maximum practice.
  • Teach with encouragement and positive reinforcement by holding productive and engaging swim lessons.
  • Keep accurate and timely records of all lessons taught, purchases, and schedule through our Datatrak system to ensure accurate pay.
  • Provide consistency in instruction by working on each new development for a varied length of time.
  • Communicate regularly with participants and parents to ensure they are aware of progress
  • Remain alert at all times
  • Setting up and cleaning up before and after a lesson.
  • Communicate openly and regularly with supervisor and team members.
  • Enforce pool signage, close lanes based on lane usage flow chart.
  • Acts as a culture ambassador in justifying principle based decision making and modelling behaviors at all times that are in support of our pillars.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must have the ability to adapt their teaching approaches to the age, experience, and the ability of participants, so that they can meet course objectives. This individual should have the ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations and knowledge of CPR and emergency medical procedures.


  • Life Guard, First Aid & CPR certification
  • 16 years old +
  • WSI, Preferred 

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