Kinetic Sports Club

Opening Lifeguard! ( $10 per hour)


Pelham Manor, NY


Full Time

Lifeguard for upscale health club in Westchester, N.Y

The following items will be apart of your daily expectations:

  1. Ensure that the pool and spa chemicals are tested at least 3 times per day.
  2. All noodles must be placed in the grey bin on the pool deck after any scheduled activity.
  3. All kick boards pull buoys and Swim gloves should be placed on the window ledge on the pool deck after use.
  4. All barbells and water weights should be stacked neatly to the right of the grey bin on the pool deck.
  5. The hose must be placed back into the laundry room after it has been used.
  6. All swim toys should be placed in the plastic drawers in the back right corner on the pool deck.
  7. The Spa temperature must always be at least 100 degrees and no more than 104 degrees.
  8. The Pool temperature should be exactly 84 degrees at all times.
  9. All lanes should be removed from the pool during family swim. (See pool schedule)
  10. All bathers should be equipped with proper bather suit attire.
  11. The Pool Vacuum should be placed in the water on Monday (Maintenance Associate) and Wednesday (Maintenance Associate) nights at 9pm and Friday nights at 8pm (Lifeguard).
  12. The Vacuum should be removed from the water on Tuesday (Front Desk Associate) and Thursday mornings at 5am (Front Desk Associate) and Saturday Mornings at 7am (Front Desk Associate).
  13. All appropriate signage should be made visible on the pool door for each event happening on pool deck.

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