Kinetic Sports Club

Assistant to Aquatics Director


Pelham Manor, NY


Part Time

Job Title: Swim School Principal

Hours Needed:

Saturday/Sunday: 9am to 3 pm

Monday: 2pm to 6pm

Tuesday: 11am to 6pm



  • To keep an up –to – date record of attendance for all swim school students.
  • Assist with the scheduling of make-up lessons for all swim school students
  • First line of coverage on the weekends if needed or in case of emergency
  • Assist with the making of the swim school schedule
  • To document feedback from parents 3 weeks into the program and at the end of the program
  • Setting dates for instructors to submit progress reports 3 weeks into the session and final report at the end of the session
  • Documentation of any students moving up to another level
  • Responsible for the creation of award certificate for all students at the end of the session



Need to know:

  • Swim School is a 6 week long program
  • We offer lessons Monday – Friday from 4pm – 7pm and Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 12pm
  • Clients have the option of doing lessons once per week or twice week for the duration of the program
  • We offer a complimentary Aqua skills training for 20 minutes to assess the skill level for the child so that he/she is placed in the correct class.
  • The Spring Swim School (session 2) will begin on April 25th and end on June 5th.
  • If you have lessons once per week you are entitled to one make-up lesson. If you have lessons twice per week you are entitles to two make-up lessons
  • All make-up lessons need to be done before the end of the session
  • A make –up lesson should be done in another available class of the same level.



  • Minimum High School Diploma or Equivalent and/or College degree
  • At least 2 years administrative experience
  • Experience or exposure to Aquatics
  • Full week availability (Flexibility)
  • Training to teach all levels of Swim School

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